Chemical Education

The secret in education lies in respecting the student.
Ralph Waldo Emerson

E. Panel Discussions | F. Conferences & Workshops

E. Panel Discussions

6. Internet Interaction Workshop.
Panelists: John Atkinson (Civil Engineering), Bob Bender (English), Pam Benoit (Communications), Rainer Glaser (Chemistry), Tom Kochtanek (College of Education), Dale Musser (College of Education), Virginia Peterson (Agriculture/Biochemistry)
Moderators, Time-keepers, Question-askers: Margaret Gunderson and Nancy Piringer
An Educational Technologies at Missouri Workshop, Friday, October 22, 1999.

5. Panelist: Better Living Through Chemistry.
Jim Carroll, Moderator, Howard Hughes Medical Institute Intern Evening Seminar, June 24, 1999.

4. Panelist: Basic versus Applied Science.
Jim Carroll, Moderator, Howard Hughes Medical Institute Intern Evening Seminar, June 11, 1998.

3. Surviving Information Overload.
Rainer Glaser, Associate Professor, Chemistry, and Byron Scott, Professor, News, School of Journalism
1997 MUIIT Colloquium Series, University of Missouri-Columbia, May 5, 1997, Memorial Union.
In this age of technology, we are bombarded with information. As we put more and more educational technology in the classroom, how can we keep up with all the information thrown at us? Byron and Rainer will discuss ways to filter information overload and relate their experiences in their teaching.

2. Using Web Pages in the Classroom: HTML Workshop Series.
Linda Bennett, Assistant Professor, Curriculum and Instruction, Sherry Borcherding, Clinical Instructor, Occupational Therapy, Roger Gafke, Professor, Broadcast News, School of Journalism, Rainer Glaser, Associate Professor, Chemistry.
1997 MUIIT Colloquium Series, University of Missouri-Columbia, March 18, 1997, Ketchum Auditorium (Engineering Building East).
This is Part III of the HTML Workshop Series. A panel of speakers from the MUIIT Mentoring Program and the MUIIT Fellows will demonstrate how they are currently using web pages in their courses. If you are interested in learning about how other faculty members on campus are using web pages for their courses, this is the seminar to attend. Everybody is invited.

1. Panelist: MO/HOMO/LUMO Interactions in Sophomore Organic Chemistry
David Lewis, Moderator, Organic Teaching Symposium, University of Nebraska, Lincoln, May 23 - 24, 1996.

F. Conferences & Workshops

15. Conference on "The 'Chemistry is in the News' Project" --- Conference Web Site
The University of Missouri-Columbia, Columbia, Missouri, September 21 - 23, 2001.
Rainer Glaser, MU Department of Chemistry, and James Groccia, MU Program of Excellence in Teaching, Organizers.

14. Chemistry in Context: Implementing Authentic Learning Activities in Large Lecture Chemistry Courses
MU's Celebration of Teaching & Learning Technology Fair, Friday, November 10, 2000, 9am - noon, The Reflector, Townsend Hall.

13. Organic Chemistry Summit, McGraw-Hill, Eagle Ridge Inn & Resort, Galena, Illinois, July 13-16, 2000.

12. Websites as Instructional Media.
Teaching in Organic Chemistry Symposium, Department of Chemistry, Lincoln, Nebraska, April 24, 1999.

11. The Wakonse Conference on College Teaching.
The Wakonse Foundation, Miniwanca Conference Center, Shelby, Michigan, May 21- 26, 1998.
The MU and Columbia College Wakonse 98 Fellows

10. Productive and Unproductive Conflict in Collaborative Work: Designing Effective Group Projects.
Dr. Rebecca E. Burnett, Department of English, Iowa State University.

9. Participant, Campus Writing Program.
January 8, 1998, 10:30 - noon, Memorial Union, MU.

8. Instructor, Beginning Fusion
MUIIT Winter Institute, Winter Webland, January 5, 1998, Noon - 4 pm, Campus Computing, MU.

7. Third Annual MU Webpage Showcase;
November 24, 1997, Noon - 3 pm, Memorial Union Computer Lab, MU Campus.

6. Participant, Campus Writing Program.
Winter 1997 Faculty Workshop, January 16 - 17, 1997.

5. Second Annual MU Webpage Showcase.
November 26, 1996, 147 Stanley Hall, MU Campus.

4. Fellow, MUIIT Summer Institute, MU Campus, June 10 - July 3, 1996.
Fourteen faculty from the University have been selected as Fellows in the MU Institute of Instructional Technology's second annual Summer Institute. Participants work together to learn about the latest educational technologies available at the University. Participants will develop technologies they will use in the courses they will teach next year through hands-on workshops, presentations, and discussions led by faculty and staff who are experts in the field on educational technology. Topics range from the use of electronic mail to facilitate and extend class discussions to advanced multimedia authoring.

3. Organic Teaching Symposium.
University of Nebraska, Lincoln, Nebraska, May 23 - 24, 1996.

2. Participant, Teaching Renewal Conference.
Memorial Union, MU Campus, February 29 - March 1, 1996.

1. Participant, Teaching Renewal Conference.
Memorial Union, MU Campus, March 2-3, 1995.