221th National Meeting of the ACS, San Diego, California, April 1-5, 2001.

"Theoretical Studies of DNA Deamination. Pyrimidine Ring-Opening and Recyclizations
in the Nitrosative Deaminations of Guanine, Cytosine and Adenine."
Rainer Glaser, Sundeep Rayat, Michael Lewis, Thomas Carl, and Brian Hodgen
Division of Computers in Chemistry. Invited lecture in the Symposium on
"Computational Studies of Reaction Mechanisms and Enzyme Modes of Action", Tim Clark, Organizer.

"Philosophy, Pedagogy And Taxonomy Of News Media Based Authentic Learning Activities."
Rainer E. Glaser
Division of Chemical Education. Invited lecture in the Symposium on
"Organic Chemistry Teaching in the New Century", C. Kingsbury, Organizer.

"Benzene Quadrupolarity and Arene-Arene Interactions."
Rainer Glaser and Zhengyu Wu
Division of Computers in Chemistry.

"Cytosine to Uracil Mutation Revisited. Theoretical and Experimental
Mechanistic Studies of the Nitrosative Cytosine Deamination."
Rainer Glaser and Sundeep Rayat
Division of Organic Chemistry.

Fresh From The Press

Part 4 in the Series "Nucleophilic Additions to Heterocumulenes."
"Polarizabilities of Carbon Dioxide and Carbodiimide. Assessment of Theoretical Model Dependencies
on Dipole Polarizabilities and Dipole Polarizability Anisotropies."
Michael Lewis, Zhengyu Wu, and Rainer Glaser
Article, J. Phys. Chem. A, 2000, 104, 11355-11361. (pdf file).
Electronic Reprint. Digital Object Identifier

Our second Chemistry - Mathematics Collaboration!
Part 2 in the Series "Numerical Simulation of Molecular Crystals"
"Lattice Sum Calculations for 1/rp Interactions via Multipole Expansions and Euler Summations."
Don Steiger (a) and Rainer Glaser* (b)
(a) Department of Mathematics and (b) Department of Chemistry
Article in J. Comput. Chem. 2001, 22, 208-215.

Part 13 in the Series "Stereochemistry and Stereoelectronics of Azines."
"Conformational Effects On The Quadrupolarity of Azines.
An ab Initio Quantum-Mechanical Study Of A Lateral Synthon."
Rainer Glaser, Michael Lewis and Zhengye Wu
Article in J. Mol. Model. 2000, 6, 86-98. (pdf file)
Online Supporting Visualization Tools: Optimized Structures.
Dedicated to Paul von Rague Schleyer on the occasion of his 70th birthday.
Invited Contribution to a Festschrift in Honor of Paul von Rague Schleyer