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Chemical Genealogy
Research Advisor/Teacher Year Place
Rainer Glaser 1987 Cal-Berkeley
Andrew Streitwieser 1952 Columbia
William v. E. Doering 1943 Harvard
Reginald P. Linstead 1926 Imperial College
George A. R. Kon 1922 Imperial College
Jocelyn F. Thorpe 1895 Heidelberg
Karl F. v. Auwers 1885 Berlin
August W. v. Hofmann 1841 Giessen
Justus v. Liebig 1822 Erlangen
Karl F. W. G. Kastner 1805 Jena
Johann F. A. Gottling 1775 Langensalza
Johann C. Wiegleb ca 1765 Langensalza
Ernst G. Baldinger 1760 Jena
Christoph A. Mangold 1751 Erfurt
Georg E. Hamberger 1721 Jena
Georg W. Wedel 1669 Jena
Werner Rolfinck 1625 Padua
Adriaan van den Spieghel ca 1603 Padua

This information was taken from the autobiography of Professor Andrew Streitwieser "A Lifetime of Synergy with Theory and Experiment" from the series Profiles, Pathways, and Dreams, J. I. Seeman, Series Editor. American Chemical Society, Washington DC, 1997, p.275.