Francisco "Paco" Gomez

  Associate Professor &
  Director of Graduate Studies
  Department of Geological Sciences
  University of Missouri-Columbia

  phone: (573) 882-9744
  fax:    (573) 882-5458

My research interests involve the sculpting of the landscape by tectonic and surficial processes, and using this information to understand processes of crustal deformation.  I apply geological methods such as structural, geomorphic, and paleoseismic analyses to these neotectonic problems, as well as remote sensing and geophysical tools (such as GPS, InSAR, shallow geophysics, & low-altitude imaging).  Lately, my research has focused in the Afar region of Ethiopia, as well as around the Mediterranean region along the Dead Sea Transform.  Within the US, my students and I are studying active faults in Wyoming, and rock glaciers in southern Colorado.  In collaboration with colleagues in the College of Engineering, I am also applying Ground-Based Interferometric Radar to landslide and tectonic problems. 

Teaching (2016 - 2017)

  • Geology 2400  "Surficial Earth Processes & Landforms" - Fall 2016
  • Geology 4120 / 7120  "Engineering Geology" -  Spring 2017
Occasionally Offering:
  • Geology 1100  "Principles of Geology" - last taught Spring 2009
  • Geology 1150  "Physical Geology for Scientists & Engineers" - Spring 2015
  • Geology 1400  "Themes in Geology" - last taught Spring 2015
  • Geology 4002/ 7002 "Remote Sensing for Geoscientists" - Spring 2016
  • Geology 4680 / 7680 "Neotectonics and Earthquake Geology"

Active Research 

  • Dead Sea fault (Eastern Mediterranean)
    • Paleoseismology and Neotectonism along the northern Dead Sea fault in Syria and Lebanon
    • Satellite Geodesy (GPS & InSAR) to measure present-day crustal deformation along the Dead Sea fault
  • Neotectonics in the Afar region (Ethiopia)
  • Intraplate neotectonics in the Wind River Basin (Wyoming)
  • Rock glacier kinematics in the Rocky Mountains
  • Applications of Ground-Based Interferometric Radar
    • Landslide processes & mass wasting in the Rocky Mountains
    • Rock face stability in Arches National Park
    • Geotechnical applications

last updated June 22, 2017