Light scattering and organic electronics research group


Welcome to our Webpage! The group is headed by Prof. Suchi Guha.
We are an experimental condensed matter physics group with a focus on organic semiconductors and peptide nanocomposites. In particular, our focus is on molecular and organic electronics –field-effect transistors, solar cells/photodiodes, and tactile electronics. A new research direction is in the development of peptide nanostructure-based electronic materials for biosensing applications. Our research utilizes (a) optical spectroscopic techniques such as Raman scattering, photoluminescence/absorption, modulation spectroscopy, non-linear spectroscopy; (b) device fabrication methods such as spincasting, thermal evaporation, inkjet printing, modified pulsed laser deposition techniques, and self-assembly processes; (c) electrical characterization techniques such as current-voltage and capacitance measurements.

For more details, please see our research page.

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US-Brazil Workshop on Biosensors: Bioanalytics to Device Integration (Nov. 8-10, 2017).


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This illustration shows a theoretical simulation of the distribution of polymer on peptide nanotubes and an electron microscopy image of the nanocomposite.