Light scattering and organic electronics research group


Our research laboratory has two components: one for optical spectroscopy and the other for growth/fabrication and electrical characterization of organic devices.

The optical spectroscopy laboratory is equipped with ( 1 ) Coherent Innova 6 argon-ion laser; ( 2 ) SPEX 1403 double stage monochromator with a PMT detector and a state-of-the art CCD detector; ( 3 ) Newport optical tables; ( 4 ) 2 APD He closed-cycle cryostat capable of both optical and electrical characterization; ( 5 ) Janis-ST500 continuous flow microscope cryostat; ( 6 ) Renishaw micro-Raman/Raman imaging spectrometer equipped with a near IR diode laser (785 nm) and a green (514 nm) argon ion laser; ( 7 ) Linkham heating/freezing stage for the microscope; ( 8 ) HeCd laser and Ar ion laser; ( 9 ) three Oceanoptics spectrometers; ( 10 ) CVI monochromator, Xenon/halogen lamp; ( 11 ) dynamic light scattering system.

The growth/fabrication laboratory is equipped with ( 1) Keithley sourcemeters (236 and 2400 units) interfaced to a computer; ( 2) two manual probe station; ( 3) HP precision LCR meter for C-V and G-V analysis ( 4) glove box enclosed spin coater and a thermal evaporator from MBraun Inc.

Additionally, we have access to FTIR spectrometers in the general optics labortaory.

Tour of the light scattering laboratory

Macro-Raman/PL set up
* Spex 1402 (PMT/CCD)
* Coherent Innova argon ion Laser (UV and VIS)
* Closed Cycle Ref.(11-300 K)

Macro-Raman/PL set up

Micro-Raman set up
Renishaw InVia System
* 785 nm laser diode/514 nm argon ion laser
* Deep depletion CCD
* xyz automated stage

Modulation spectroscopy setup
* HeCd Laser
* CVI monochromator
* Lock-in Amplifier
* Xenon/QTH lamps

Tour of the growth/fabrication facility (organic optoelectronics)
This facility is funded by an instrumentation award from the National Science Foundation. The system consists of a glove-box integrated spincoater and a thermal evaporator connected by an antechamber. The design of the integrated system is based on the interior area that functions as a clean room [class (10-100)] by a laminar gas flow.

Grad Students: Arif at the spincoater and Vijaya supervising!

M-Braun thin film deposition system-left chamber has the thermal evaporator and the right glove box has a spincoater and a mini-oven.

PLC controller of the system

Thermal evaporator-interior
*four evaporation sources
* process vacuum ~10^-7
* quartz lamp heater for substrate heating