Light scattering and organic electronics research group


Principlal Investigator

Suchi Guha

Current Members


Payal Bhattacharya (PhD student); MS -Banaras Hindu University, India; research project on second harmonic generation from organic devices.
joined the group in spring 2018


John Barron (PhD student); BS-Southern Illinois University; reserarch project on organic FETs and perovskites.
joined the group in Summer 2018

Randy Burns (PhD student); BS- U. Illinois; research project on perovskites.
joined the group in spring 2019.


Rory Butler (Undergraduate student - BS Physics)

Past Students, Visitors, and Postdocs


Dr. Sorb Yesudhas, Nov. 2018- Fall 2020

Dr. Theo Muller, U. Western Cape, South Africa, Spring 2016

Prof. Wendel Alves, Federal Univ. of ABC, Brazil, Fall 2014

Thiago Cipriano (Visiting doctoral student from Prof. W. Alves' group - UFABC, Brazil) - Spring 2014

Prof. M. Samiullah, Truman State Univ. Summer 2009-Summer 2010

Graduate Students (PhD)
Name/Year of PhD Dissertation title Position after PhD/current position

Alec Pickett (Fall 2019)


Donor-acceptor copolymers and sol-gel processable zinc oxide for thin film transistors and hybrid photodetectors Device Engineer, Intel. Inc. (Oregon)

Amrit Laudari (Spring 2019)


Polarization-induced transport in ferroelectric organic field-effect transistors Postdoctoral Fellow - Washington State U.

Soma Khanra (Spring 2018)


Self-assembled peptide nanostructures for electrical, optical and magnetic applications Scientist, Brewer Science Inc.

Grant Knotts (Spring 2016)


The use of ferroelectrics and dipeptides as insulators in organic field-effect transistor devices Lecturer, Grand View U.

Dhanashree Moghe (Spring 2014)


Charge transfer and other excitonic states in conjugated polymer: fullerene blends -Implications in photovoltaics Postdoctoral Fellow - Michigan State Univ. (Chemical Eng.)

Danish Adil (Fall 2013)


Light scattering studies of organic field-effect transistors Device Engineer, Intel Inc. (Oregon)

Keshab Paudel (Fall 2012)


High pressure spectroscopic studies of organic device materials Postdoctoral Fellow - Oregon State

Ndubuisi Ukah (Fall 2012)


Low dielectric constant-based organic field-effect transistors and metal-insulator-semiconductor capacitors Device Engineer, Intel Inc. (Oregon)
Minseong Yun (Fall 2009) co-advised (advisor S. Gangopadhyay) Fabrication and characterization of polymer based metal-oxide-semiconductor and non-volatile memory devices Postdoctoral Fellow - Georgia Tech.

Mohammad Arif (Summer 2007)


Raman scattering studies and charge transport in polyfluorenes Asst. Prof. - North Virginia Community College
Vijaya Kattumuri, Ph.D. (Physics) 2006 (co-advised by SG)

Graduate Students (MS)
Kai Yang, MS (Physics) 2009
Jeff Owens, MS (Physics) 2009
Kevin Tarwater, MS (Physics) 2013

Undergraduate/High School Students
James Glaser (2018-2020)
Ogonna Annunoby (Physics), spring 2019
Josh Miles (Physics), Spring 2017 - 2018
Josh Sadler (Physics and Engineering, Fall 2017-2018
Kristin Gooden (Physics), Graduated Dec. 2015
Christopher Lutsch (Physics), Spring 2012
Luke Andrea (Physics), Fall 2009-Fall 2010
Nick Criswell (Physics), Spring 2009-Fall 2010
Harrison Knoll (Eng. & Phys), Spring 2009-Fall2010
Zach Childers, Fall 2006-August 2007
Christopher Volz, Physics, Summer 2005-2006
Michael Gramlich, Physics, Summer 2005
Yvonne Solbrekken, Physics, Fall 2003-Fall 2004