Bruce E. Hibbard, Ph.D. - USDA-ARS

Plant Genetics Research Unit
205 Curtis Hall, University of Missouri
Columbia, Missouri 65211

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BEH performs visual analysis of corn root damage.

Research Project

Plant Resistance, Biology, and Resistance Management of Insect Pests of Corn


Plant Genetics Research Unit, Columbia, MO

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Start: February 10, 2011
End: February 9, 2016


  1. Develop lines of the western corn rootworm (WCR) resistant to transgenic corn and investigate the biology, pest/host interactions, and fitness costs of resistant and control colonies as they relate to resistance management and rootworm biology.
  2. Develop and release corn germplasm with native resistance to major corn insect pests such as western corn rootworm, and determine genetic and chemical mechanisms of resistance.


Sub-objective 1.A. Develop colonies with resistance to Cry34/35Ab1 and test the effectiveness of different refuge types to delay resistance. Sub-objective 1.B. Evaluate our mCry3A-resistant colony for the heredity of this trait, whether the trait is maintained when selection is removed, and whether there are fitness costs associated with the trait. Sub-objective 1.C. Evaluate cross resistance in rootworm colonies selected for resistance to one rootworm product on other single and stacked trait products.

Sub-objective 2.A. Systematically screen exotic and GEM (Germplasm Enhancement of Maize) corn germplasm, identify potential sources of resistance, verify resistance, and move into adapted germplasm. Sub-objective 2.B. Conduct recurrent selection with the CRW17 synthetic population for resistance to western corn rootworm larval feeding damage. Sub-objective 2.C. Evaluate the CML333 family of the NAM (Nested Association Mapping) population for resistance to western corn rootworm larval feeding and identify Quantitative Trait Loci associated with reduced damage.

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