John E. Ikerd background


Raised on a small dairy farm in southwest Missouri. 

Educated at the University of Missouri with BS, MS, and PhD degrees in Agricultural Economics. 

Worked three years with Wilson Foods in Kansas City, MO, Atlanta, GA, and Detroit, MI between BS and MS degree work. 

Worked in Extension Agricultural Economics positions at North Carolina State University, 1970-76 and Oklahoma State University, 1976-84 and was Head of Extension Agricultural Economics, University of Georgia, 1984-89. 

Returned to the University of Missouri 1989, under a cooperative agreement with U.S.D.A, to provide state and national leadership for research and education programs related to sustainable agriculture. 

Retired and received appointment as Professor Emeritus of Agricultural Economics on February 1, 2000. 

National Sustainable Agriculture Projects with USDA SARE Program
     1988-91: Farm Decision Supports Systems for Sustainable Agriculture (PLANETOR) 
     1991-93: Sustainable Agriculture Education Council (SA Professional Development Program) 
     1992-94: Addressing the Quality of Life Dimension of Sustainable Agriculture 
     1993-95: Regional Liaison-South and Northeast- SA Professional Development Program 
     1994-99: State Co-coordinator of SA Professional Development Program for Missouri 

John E. Ikerd current responsbilities 


Since retiring from the University in early 2000, Ikerd spends most of his time writing and speaking out on issues related to sustainable agriculture with an emphasis on the economics of sustainabilty


Address:        702 South 8th Street Circle, Fairfield, IA 52556

Phone:           641-209-9906