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David M. Kaplan

Assistant Professor, Economics

University of Missouri


Office #326 Professional Bldg


Goldman, M., and Kaplan, D. M. (2018). Comparing distributions by multiple testing across quantiles or CDF values. Journal of Econometrics, XX(X):XXX–XXX.
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Formerly known as: Evenly sensitive KS-type inference on distributions

Where do two distributions differ? A new method to strongly control FWER while distributing power more evenly than the KS. One-sample and two-sample; stepdown and pre-test refinements. Extension to conditional distributions and regression discontinuity.

Goldman, M., and Kaplan, D. M. (2018). Nonparametric inference on (conditional) quantile differences and linear combinations, using L-statistics. Econometrics Journal, 21(2):136–169.
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Nonparametric, high-order accurate CIs for: quantile differences between two populations (which are QTEs under certain assumptions); interquantile ranges; more general linear combinations of quantiles (and differences thereof); and conditional (on X) versions of each.

Goldman, M., and Kaplan, D. M. (2017). Fractional order statistic approximation for nonparametric conditional quantile inference. Journal of Econometrics, 196(2):331–346.
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Nonparametric CIs for quantiles and conditional quantiles, with high-order accuracy.

Kaplan, D. M., and Sun, Yixiao (2017). Smoothed estimating equations for instrumental variables quantile regression. Econometric Theory, 33(1):105–157.
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IV quantile regression: smoothing improves computation and high-order properties.

Kaplan, D. M. (2015). Improved quantile inference via fixed-smoothing asymptotics and Edgeworth expansion. Journal of Econometrics, 185(1):20–32.
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Studentized sample quantile: fixed-smoothing asymptotics is more accurate and suggests an "inference-optimal" bandwidth to maximize accuracy; practical advantage biggest near tails.

Kaplan, D. M. and Blei, David M. (2007). A computational approach to style in American poetry. In Proceedings of 7th IEEE International Conference on Data Mining (ICDM 2007), pp. 553–558, Omaha, NE. IEEE Computer Society. Presented at conference.
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Analyzing poetic texts: extracting orthographic, syntactic, and phonemic features. Visualizing and comparing poems in the corresponding vector space of features. ("One of the most thorough and sophisticated computing analysis of poems to date" says Wang and Yang, 2015.)

Working Papers

2018, Smoothed GMM for quantile models (with Luciano de Castro, Antonio F. Galvao, and Xin Liu; submitted)
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IVQR is difficult to compute, so previous estimators required iid sampling (and usually linear models). We prove consistency and asymptotic normality of the smoothed Kaplan and Sun (2017, see above) estimator with weakly dependent data (and nonlinear models). We also establish such properties for a related smoothed GMM estimator when the model is overidentified. The extensive empirical analysis considers quantile Euler equations derived from quantile utility maximization.

2018, Frequentist size of Bayesian inequality tests (with Longhao Zhuo; submitted)
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Formerly known as: Bayesian and frequentist tests of sign equality and other nonlinear inequalities

Bayesian and frequentist inference on nonlinear inequality hypotheses may differ greatly, even when credible and confidence sets coincide. The shape of the hypothesis matters. Theoretical insights, practical consequences, two economic examples (stochastic dominance, translog curvature).

2018, Comparing latent inequality with ordinal health data (with Longhao Zhuo)
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Goal: compare two health distributions (better? more dispersed?) when only ordinal data are available. Without making unrealistic assumptions. With statistical inference.


Resting and Superseded Projects

2014, Nonparametric inference on quantile marginal effects
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2013, IDEAL inference on conditional quantiles: superseded by above papers "Fractional order statistic approximation for nonparametric conditional quantile inference" and "Nonparametric inference on conditional quantile treatment effects using L-statistics"

2013, IDEAL quantile inference via interpolated duals of exact analytic L-statistics: superseded by above papers "Fractional order statistic approximation for nonparametric conditional quantile inference" and "Nonparametric inference on conditional quantile treatment effects using L-statistics"

2011, Fixed-smoothing asymptotics and accurate F approximation using vector autoregressive variance matrix estimator (with Yixiao Sun)
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Experiencing technical difficulties (error in proofs).

For curious grad students:
projects from my 2nd year in grad school

2010, Natural disasters and differential household effects: evidence from the May 2006 Java earthquake
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Were poorer households hurt more? Examining direct and indirect mechanisms.

2009, summer research report examining data-dependent methods for sieve size selection in nonparametric IV estimation.