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David M. Kaplan

Associate Professor, Economics

University of Missouri


Office #227 Professional Bldg


Open-Source Textbook (preliminary/in-progress)

University of Missouri, 2013–present

ECONOM 9476: Advanced Topics in Econometrics I (Fall 2013,5,7,8; Spring 2015,7,2020)

ECONOM 9473: Econometric Methods II (Fall 2015,6; Spring 2018,9)

ECONOM 8472: Econometric Methods I (Spring 2014,5,6)

ECONOM 4371/7371 online, Introductory Econometrics (Fall 2018; Spring 2020)

ECONOM 4371/7371, Introductory Econometrics (Spring 2014, Fall 2018)

UC San Diego, 2008–2013

Graduate: department tutor for qualifying exam in econometrics

Econometrics: Econ 120A and 120B (intermediate)

Microeconomics: Econ 1 (intro), 100B and 100C (intermediate), 171 (decisions under uncertainty)

Miscellany: Econ 172A (operations research)

NERA Economic Consulting, 2007–2008

Instructor in Stata, SAS, and VBA (Visual Basic for Applications)


Johns Hopkins University CTY/CAA summer program, 2005: teaching assistant for "Geometry and its Applications"

IFRE, 2008: English teacher in Atenas, Costa Rica