Air Quality and Waste Management

Teng Lim

Teng Teeh Lim, Ph.D., P.E.

Extension Professor

Agriculture Systems Management,
Division of Food Systems and Bioengineering

1406 Rollins St, 235 Ag Engr Bldg
University of Missouri
Columbia, MO 65211-5200
Phone: (573)882-9519
Fax: (573)884-5650

Dr. Lim has been focusing on the assessment of dust, odor and gas emissions of agriculture facilities, and monitoring and performance of ventilation system. He developed a web-based, interactive setback guideline for pork production facilities, and is developing emission models for commercial swine barns based on part of the National Air Emission Monitoring Study dataset. Dr. Lim has scientifically characterized emissions from modern agricultural facilities and efficiency of mitigation technologies based on EPA-approved quality assurance project plans. His research and extension programs focus on developing and assessing practical livestock manure management and air quality control. Dr. Lim is an active member of the University of Missouri Dairy and Swine Focus Teams, who develop extension materials, interact with producers, cooperate with businesses, and conduct various research programs appropriate to livestock industry needs. His current research projects focus on biofiltration and anaerobic digestion.

Students, visiting scholars, and faculty with research and collaborative interests are encouraged to contact Teng.