Weather Forecasting Links for KCOU / UMC

(specific to Columbia, MO)

KCOU sounding from latest RAP

UMC Sanborn Field data
   and a current webcam snapshot

Jefferson Institute (near S. Farm)

LSX radar
KRCG Radar

VIS regional satellite
IR regional satellite
WV national satellite

SPC Upper Air Analyses
NCEP Surface Analysis
Regional (N) surface analysis
Regional (S) surface analysis

MU Synoptic Analyses
NWS AFDs for Missouri
KCOU P-type from Eta mini-ensemble

Local Prepared Forecasts
(for consensus)
NWS St. Louis Forecast
KRCG-TV Forecast
Latest MOS for KCOU
Latest GFS MOS for KCOU
Latest NAM MOS for KCOU
Latest GFSX MOS for KCOU
Latest Ensemble MOS for KCOU

Latest GFS MOS for Missouri
Latest NAM MOS for Missouri