Current Projects

We are currently working on two projects supported by grants from NIAAA, as well as a number of smaller, unfunded projects.

  • Risk for Alcohol Impaired Driving: From the Laboratory to the Natural Environment
    NIAAA/OBSSR Grant R01 AA019546 (PI: McCarthy)

    This project combines lab and ambulatory assessment methods to test in-the-moment decisionsabout driving after drinking alcohol. Participants complete a laboratory session followed by daily reporting using both a smartphone and a study-provided breathalyzer device.

  • Advanced Mathematical Modeling of Decision Making in Alcohol Research. National
    NIAAA Grant K25 AA024182 (PI: Davis-Stober, Mentors: McCarthy & Sher)

    This project involves a series of experimental studies that seek to apply current decision making models to important questions in the area of alcohol use and related consequences. Studies will involve both the development of novel decision making tasks and the examination of acute alcohol effects on classical decision making tasks.


For more information on our current studies or to determine if you are eligible to participate, please contact us at (573) 882-8225.