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Curriculum Vita (January 2016)



Working Papers:


Don’t Blame the Weather: Federal Natural Disaster Aid and Public Corruption (with Adriana Cordis)


Do State Campaign Finance Reforms Reduce Political Corruption? (with Adriana Cordis); Revise and Resubmit at the International Journal of Law and Economics.


Health Insurance and Mortality in US Adults: A Cautionary Tale (with Jenny Kim).


Do State Campaign Finance Reforms Increase Trust and Confidence in State Government?


What Determines Public Approval of Voting Reforms? (with David Konisky and Lilliard Richardson).




Recent Publications:


Cordis and Milyo. 2016. “Measuring Public Corruption in the United States: Evidence from Administrative Records of Federal Prosecutions,” Public Integrity, 18(2): 127-148.


Burden and Milyo, 2015. “The Quantities and Qualities of Poll Workers,” Election Law Journal, 14(1): 38-46.


Milyo. 2015.  Money in Politics,” in Emerging Trends in the Social and Behavioral Sciences. Edited by Robert A. Scott and Stephen M. Kosslyn. John Wiley and Sons (Hoboken, NJ).


Milyo. 2014. “Corporate Influence and Political Corruption: Lessons from Stock Market Reactions to Political Events,” Independent Review, 19(1): 19-36.


Groseclose and Milyo. 2013. “Sincere Versus Sophisticated Voting When Legislators Vote Sequentially,” Social Choice and Welfare, 40(3): 745-751.


Milyo. 2013. “Campaign Spending and Electoral Competition: Towards More Policy Relevant Research,” The Forum, 11(3): 437–454.


Crider and Milyo. 2013. “Do State Ethics Commissions Reduce Political Corruption? An Exploratory Investigation,” UC Irvine Law Review, 3(3): 717-733.


Carpenter and Milyo. 2013. “The Public’s Right to Know Versus Compelled Speech: What Does Social Science Research Tell Us about the Benefits and Costs of Campaign Finance Disclosure in Non-Candidate Elections?” Fordham Urban Law Journal, 40(2): 603-637 [lead article].


Burden and Milyo. 2013. “The Recruitment and Training of Poll Workers: What We Know from Scholarly Research,” Presidential Commission on Election Administration (Washington, D.C.).


Primo and Milyo. 2013. “Brief of Amici Curiae David M. Primo and Jeffrey D. Milyo,” filed with the United States Supreme Court, Iowa Right to Life, Inc. v. Tooker.



Selected Other Publications:



Richardson, Konisky and Milyo. 2012. Public Approval of State Legislatures, Legislative Studies Quarterly, 37(1): 99-116.


Groseclose and Milyo. 2010. “Sincere Versus Sophisticated Voting in Congress: Theory and Evidence,” Journal of Politics, 72(1): 60-73.


Milyo.  2007. “The Effects of Cross-Ownership on the Local Content and Political Slant of Local Television News,” Federal Communications Commission (Washington, D.C.).


Primo and Milyo. 2006.  “Campaign Finance Laws and Political Efficacy: Evidence from the States,” Election Law Journal, V5(1): 23-39.


Anderson, Mellor and Milyo. 2006. “Induced Heterogeneity in Trust Experiments,” Experimental Economics, 9:223-235.


Groseclose and Milyo.  2005.  “A Measure of Media Bias,” Quarterly Journal of Economics, 120(4): 1191-1237 [lead article].


Mellor and Milyo.  2004. “Individual Health Status and Minority Racial Concentration in U.S. States and Counties,” American Journal of Public Health, 94(6): 1043-1048


Mellor and Milyo. 2002. “Income Inequality and Health Status in the United States: Evidence from the Current Population Survey,” Journal of Human Resources, 37(3): 510-539.


Milyo, Primo and Groseclose, 2000. “Corporate PAC Campaign Contributions in Perspective,” Business and Politics, 2(1): 75-88.


Milyo and Waldfogel.  1999.  “The Effects of Price Advertising on Prices: Evidence from 44 Liquormart,” American Economic Review, 89(5): 1081-1096. Reprinted in The Economics of Advertising. Edited by Kyle Bagwell. Edward Elgar Publishing: London


Milyo and Groseclose. 1999. “The Electoral Effects of Incumbent Wealth,” The Journal of Law and Economics, 42(2): 699-722.


Milyo. 1997. “Electoral and Financial Effects of Changes in Committee Power: Gramm-Rudman-Hollings, the Tax Reform Act of 1986, and the Money Committees in the House,” The Journal of Law and Economics, 40(1): 93-112.




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