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Petrogenesis of Granites & Pegmatites

We are investigating granite generation and crystallization processes in the Proterozoic terrane of the Black Hills, South Dakota, and petrogenesis of San Diego pegmatites in the Mesozoic Penninsular Ranges batholith, California. In the Black Hills, students have an opportunity to study processes such as melt generation in the continental crust, the geochemical relationships between protoliths and granites, the generation of rare-mineral and rare-element pegmatites, and the role of fluids in the generation of granites. The work in California focuses on the role of fluxing components in promoting very low temperatures of crystallization of pegmatite melts. We study the crystallization processes through a combination of mineralogy and fluid inclusion analyses by microthermometry to obtain major gas components and by Inductively-Coupled Plasma Emission and Ion Chromatography techniques to obtain the major and trace element compositions in trapped fluids.

One problem we are interested in are crystallization processes in pegmatites. The picture on the left shows a "line rock", a granite in which tourmaline-rich layers (black) crystallized rhythmically from a granite magma. This line rock is from a repeating sequence of line rock-pegmatite layers in the Black Hills. Pictures in the middle and the right are of pegmatite dikes in the San Diego County.

Papers that came out of our granite research

(some can be downloaded as pdf’s)

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