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(see here for a list some of the "secondary sources" books I have in my library)

(see here for a list of the publications/articles I am trying to track down)

Things listed in red are the newest additions to my collection.

I am working on a bibliography, but it is incomplete at this time, check back later!


-A Saxon Bed Burial on Swallowcliffe Down

-A Special Brew; Essays in the Honour or Kristof Glamann

-Anglian Helmet from Coppergate, The

-Armor from the Battle of Wisby

-Birka; Untersuchungen und Studien, I and III, The  (partial only)

-Cold Counsel, Women in Old Norse Literature and Mythology; A collection of essays

-Denkmäler der Vorzeit*

-Der Helm von Baldenhiem*

-Det Forntida Sverige (only the The Vendel and Viking Age part) Stenberger, Marten.,  1964. 

-Essays in Medieval Studies: Proceedings of the Illinois Medieval Association  

-Extant Medieval Musical Instruments

-From Viking to Crusader

-Fyrkat-The Viking Camp near Hobro*

-Images from the OXON 122 manuscript (partial, only 3 images)

-Journal of the Arms and Armour Society Vol. 1*

-McGregor's Bone, Horn, Ivory and Antler (partial only)*

-Norman Theory of the Origin on the Russian State, The

-Norsemen in the Viking Age, The*

-Oseberg books*

-Osprey books (pics only)

-Pictorial Weavings from the Viking Age

-Primitive Shoes by Margrethe Hald

-Sutton Hoo books

-Tastes of Anglo-Saxon England

-Trade Beads and Bead Trade in Scandinavia, ca. 800-1000 AD

-Viking Age by du Chaillu (partial only!)

-Viking Age Gold and Silver of Scotland, AD850-1100, The

-Viking Artefacts

-Viking Fighting Notes from 23 Sagas

-Viking Heritage Magazine

-Viking Scotland

-Viking Ship Discovered at Gokstad, The

-Viking Ship of Ladby, The

-Valsgarde books

Articles from Acta Archaeologica



Articles from Antiquaries Journal


Articles from Antiquity


Articles from Archaeology


Articles from Finska fornminnesföreningens tidskrift 


Articles from Fornvannen


Articles from Frühmittelalterliche Studien 


Articles from JONAS (aka Journal of Nordic Archaeological Science and/or Archaeological Research Laboratory (AFL), and/or  LABORATIV ARKEOLOGI)


Articles from Medieval Archaeology

Articles from OFFA



Articles from Praehistorische Zeitschrift


Articles from Rheinische Vierteljahrsblatter


Articles from Syria


Articles from TOR


Articles from Uppsala Universitets årsskrift


Articles from Viking


Articles from Zeitschrift fur Historische Waffen- und Kostumkunde



Articles from Zeitschrift Für Schweizerische Archæologie und Kun


Articles from other books

Articles from TI


-Various other material: