Kennon M. Sheldon, Ph.D.
  Department of Psychology
  112 McAlester Hall
  University of Missouri--Columbia
  Columbia, MO 65211
  Phone:  (573) 884-1547
  Fax:      [573] 882=7710

Here is my current curriculum vita

Here is a (not so) recent statement of research interests.  

Here is information about Public lectures and Workshops I have given, or am available to give.

Here is a link to PDF Articles.

Here is a link to my photo web-page -- multiple exposures, reflections, and scenic shots .  

Here is a link to my book Optimal Human Being.  

Here is a link to some ancient music written and recorded in the 80s!  

Here is a link to some modern music by my current band, the Hellbenders! Five of the six of us are Professors, we do mostly original music. This links to a recent set at a local club (The Bridge), also to the 14 tracks on our forthcoming CD.

Ken Sheldon
last updated May 15, 2010
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