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 200 South Seventh Street                           Psychology Building
 Dept. of Psychological Sciences
 University of Missouri
 Columbia, MO   65211

Phone: 573-882-4279
Fax:      573-884-5588



Welcome to my home page!! I'm a faculty member in the
Department of Psychological Sciences at the University of Missouri-Columbia. The navigation bar on the left will take you to those pages that describe my research, teaching, and other professional activities. Much of this can also be found in my vita. (You can also find a quick listing of my publications in Google Scholar.)

My own research interests are broad but primarily focus on the etiology and course of substance use disorders (particularly alcohol dependence) across the life span. I direct the Alcohol, Health, and Behavior Project  a high-risk, prospective study of a cohort of college students who were freshmen in 1987 and are now in their midlife, and IMPACTS, a  study that followed a cohort of students who were first-time freshmen at the University of Missouri-Columbia, in the Fall of 2002, over their four years of college. In addition to ongoing analyses of data collected here at Missouri and new data collections, I currently have a research grant to work on developing new criteria sets and algorithms for the diagnosis of alcohol use disorders using a range of computational approaches and employing multiple local and national data sets. I also collaborate with colleagues here in studying the behavioral effects of alcohol consumption in laboratory studies and the effects of extreme drinking events (e.g., 21st birthday celebrations) on neurological functioning.

Graduate and postdoctoral study in my lab. I currently direct an NIH research-training grant on the psychology of alcohol use, abuse, and dependence that supports five graduate students and two postdoctoral fellows. The Department supports two additional postdoctoral positions that are part of the training program in alcohol and addictions. Trainees can conduct research and undertake focused study with any of several faculty members in the Department who specialize in alcohol studies and also gain some exposure to patient populations with problematic alcohol involvement. Information on our predoctoral and postdoctoral training program training program can be found here.   I do not anticipate taking any new graduate students but I have exceptional colleagues here who offer excellent graduate training. Prospective applicants can read about our graduate training in clinical psychology here.  If you already have your degree or anticipate receiving it in the not-too-distant future and are interested in postdoctoral study in my lab, please contact me directly.  I am most interested in training postdocs with strong interests in research methodology and collaborating with me and my colleagues, Doug Steinley, Tim Trull, and Phil Wood, in developing new methodologies for addressing clinical research topics (e.g., understanding stability and change, developing optimal criteria sets).

Undergraduate research experience and training in alcohol and addictions at MU. Students interested in gaining research on alcohol and other addictions are encouraged to directly contact relevant faculty members they are interested in working with. I also direct an exciting new program, the MU-Alcohol Research Training Summer School (MU-ARTSS) which involves a one-week didactic program followed by a 8 week internship in an alcohol research laboratory here at MU. In our first year of the program, we recruited seven highly motivated students from a range of institutions across the country. The program provides a stipend and room and board. Interested students can find more information here. The deadline for application is February 15th, each year.

The Midwest Alcoholism Research Center (MARC). Although the Midwest Alcoholism Research Center is not currently being funded as a comprehensive national research center, my colleagues and I here at the University of Missouri continue to collaborate with researchers in the Department of Psychiatry of Washington University School of Medicine (WUSM).  My graduate students and postdocs can, and often do, collaborate with investigators both here at MU and at WUSM, effectively extending our training environment and research capacity

Looking north on South Seventh Street from the Psychology Building at sunset...shades of Magritte.

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