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Alcohol Studies
please feel free to suggest links to Ken Sher via email: sherk@missouri.edu  (partially updated last on 6/19/12)

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Note: These films range from comedy to drama, independent documentaries to big Hollywood productions.

If there is a movie that you think should be included, please drop me an email with your suggestion. I'm hoping to lead a seminar on alcoholism in film in the not-too-distant future and would like suggestions.



ABMRF American Council on Alcoholism ETOH
Data Base

(discontinued in 2003, now contains useful links)

Center for Alcohol
Higher Education Center for Alcohol and Other Drug Prevention    International Council on Alcohol and Addictions
Center for Substance Abuse Prevention Mothers Against Drunk Driving NIH Research Portfolio Online Reporting Tools (RePort) Rutgers' Center for Alcohol Studies College Alcohol Study APHA: Alcohol, Tobacco and Other Drugs
Center for Substance Abuse Treatment Alcohol Policies Project (CSPI)  The National Clearing-
house for Alcohol and Drug Information  
Research Institute on Addictions CORE Institute APA Div. 28:
Psychopharma-cology & Substance Abuse
Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Trauma Foundation MADD's 
Stats and Resources
National Center On Addiction and Substance Abuse Monitoring the Future APA Div. 50:
Institute of Educational Sciences

 (US Dept. of Education)

The Partnership at DRUGFREE.ORG Rutgers' Alcohol Studies Database Bowles Center for Alcohol Studies Century Council Society for the Study of Addiction
Prohibition: The 18th Amendment, the Volstead Act, the 21st Amendment cover Rutgers Alcohol History Database CESAR (Center For Substance Abuse Research)
American Society of Addiction Medicine
19079.jpg (115256) Institute of Alcohol Studies (UK) Prevention Research Center (PIRE, Bevekeley) Kettil Bruun Society
Alcohol Research Group
National Highway Traffic Safety
Alcohol Policy Information System (NIAAA)
Drinking and Driving Links from cheapautoinsurance.org