Galen J. Suppes, PhD

Professor of Chemical Engineering

University of Missouri

J.C. Dowell Professorship

Joint Appointment, Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering

Courtesy Appointment, Biological Engineering

PhD Johns Hopkins University, 1989
B.S. Kansas State University, 1985

Department of Chemical Engineering


W2016 Lafferre Hall
Columbia, MO 65211
(573) 884-0562

Research Interests

  • Biomaterials & Bioprocessing
    • Phase Change Materials
    • Use of Carbon Materials in Batteries and Capacitors
    • Soy-Based Polyols and Polyurethanes
    • Nanocarbon for Natural Gas and Hydrogen Storage
  • Educational Resources

Biomaterials & Bioprocessing Center

Laboratory emphasizing the use of soybean and corn products in a variety of chemical and materials. Products made from Missouri’s agricultural products for use around the world.  The center includes the following laboratories:

·        Phase Change Material (PCM) Laboratory

·        Soy-Based Polymer (SBP) Laboratory

·        Carbon Materials Laboratory


Special Interests

·        BOOK  Sustainable Nuclear Power   see  

·        BOOK Energy Disclosed: Abundant Resources and Unused Technology

·        PHEVs The Alternative that is Replacing Petroleum

Honors and Awards

Most Cited Author 2003-2007, Applied Catalyis A:  General

2006 Presidential Green Chemistry Challenge Award - Presented at the 2006 ACS 10th Annual Green Chemistry and Engineering Conference, June of 2006. 

2006 AOCS - SDA/NBB Glycerine Innovation Research Award - to be presented at the International American Oil Chemists Society Meeting in St. Louis in May of 2006. 

Registered Professional Engineer:

§         Kansas (#14959)

§         Texas (#73105, not renewed)

Topical Chair - Fuel Cell Topicals, AICHE Spring 2003, Fall 2003, Spring 2004, Fall 2004, Fall 2005…
C.Y. O'Connor Fellow – Division of Engineering and Science, scholar for teaching abroad at Curtin University (Perth, Australia), Spring 2001.
Excellence in Teaching Award, Student’s Choice - Department of Chemical & Petroleum Engineering, University of Kansas, 1998.
4-year Chair Rotation - National Student Chapters Committee, AIChE, 11/00-10/04.
Director (elected, Fall 1997) - Fuels and Petrochemicals Division, AIChE, 3/98-12/00.
Programming Chair - Fuels and Petrochemicals area 16d (formerly 16e), New Technology, AIChE, 11/98-present.
Committee Membership: AIChE Fuels and Petrochemicals, AIChE Student Chapters, AIChE Research & New Technology.

Recent Publications

    PCT Patent Applications



3. (WO 2008/058097) SOY-BASED POLYOLS



Sustainable Nuclear Power.  G.J. Suppes and T. S. Storvick.  Academic Press Sustainable World Series, Elsevier Press, Boston.  2007.

    Recent Professional Journal Papers

High-Surface-Area Biocarbons for Reversible On-Board Storage of Natural Gas and Hydrogen.  Pfeifer, P.; Burress, J. W.; Wood, M. B.; Lapilli, C. M.; Barker, S. A.; Pobst, J. S.; Cepel, R. J.; Wexler, C.; Shah, P. S.; Gordon, M. J.; Suppes, G. J.; Buckley, S. P.; Radke, D. J.; Ilavsky, J.; Dillon, A. C.; Parilla, P. A.; Benham, M.; Roth, M. W., Mater. Res. Soc. Symp. Proc. Materials Research Society Symposium Proceedings 2008, 1041E, (Life Cycle Analysis for New Energy Conversion and Storage Systems), No pp given, Paper #: 1041-R02-02.

Complex pore spaces create record-breaking methane storage system for natural-gas vehicles.  Pfeifer, P.; Aston, L.; Banks, M.; Barker, S.; Burress, J.; Carter, S.; Coleman, J.; Crockett, S.; Faulhaber, C.; Flavin, J.; Gordon, M.; Hardcastle, L.; Kallenborn, Z.; Kemiki, M.; Lapilli, C.; Pobst, J.; Schott, R.; Shah, P.; Spellerberg, S.; Suppes, G.; Taylor, D.; Tekeei, A.; Wexler, C.; Wood, M.; Buckley, P.; Breier, T.; Downing, J.; Eastman, S.; Freeze, P.; Graham, S.; Grinter, S.; Howard, A.; Martinez, J.; Radke, D.; Vassalli, T.; Ilavsky, J., Chaos (Woodbury, N.Y.) 2007, 17, (4), 041108.

Reducing Byproduct Formation during Conversion of Glycerol to Propylene Glycol. Chiu, C.-W.; Tekeei, A.; Ronco, J. M.; Banks, M.-L.; Suppes, G. J., Ind. Eng. Chem. Res. 2008, 47, (18), 6878-6884.

Vapor Pressures and Evaporation Studies of Sugars and Sugar Alcohols. Yan, W.; Suppes, G. J., J. Chem. Eng. Data. 2008, 53, (9), 2033-2040.

Water-blown rigid and flexible polyurethane foams containing epoxidized soybean oil triglycerides. Tu, Y.-C.; Suppes, G. J.; Hsieh, F.-H., J. Appl. Polym. Sci. 2008, 109, (1), 537-544.

Complex pore spaces create record-breaking methane storage system for natural-gas vehicles.  Pfeifer, P., L. Aston, M. Banks, S. Barker, J. Burress, S. Carter, J. Coleman, S. Crockett, C. Faulhaber, M. Kemiki, C. Lapilli, J. Pobst, R. Schott, P. Shah, S. Spellerberg, G. Suppes, D. Taylor, A. Tekeei, C. Wexler, M. Wood, P. Buckley, T. Breier, J. Downing, S. Eastman, P. Freeze, S. Graham, S. Grinter, A. Howard, J. Martinez, D. Radke, T. Vassalli, and J. Ilavsky.  Chaos, 17, 041108-1, 2007.

Preparation of high hydroxyl equivalent weight polyols from vegetable oils.  P. Kiatsimkul, Y-C Tu, F Hsieh, and G.J. Suppes, Industrial Crops and Products (2008), 27(3), 257-264.

Physical Properties of Water-blown Rigid Polyurethane Foams from Vegetable Oil Based Polyols.  Y-C Tu, P. Kiatsimkul, G.J. Suppes, and F Hsieh.  Journal of Applied Polymer Science, 105(2), 453-459, 2007.

Production of new soy-based polyols by enzymatic hydrolysis of bodied soybean oil.  P. Kiatsimkul, W.R. Sutterlin, and G.J. Suppes, Industrial Crops and Products, 25(2), 202-209, 2007.


Research Staff



Ali Tekeei

Research Specialist
Carbon Materials Laboratory

Phase Change Material Laboratory

W2065 Lafferre Hall
(573) 882-1894


Graduate Students


Zuleica Lozada

SBP Laboratory

W2019 Lafferre Hall
(573) 884-8223

Arnold Ano-Os Lubguban        

SBP Laboratory
W2065 Lafferre Hall
(573) 884-9544

Bryan Sawyer
Carbon Materials Laboratory
W2065 Lafferre Hall
(573) 882-1894

Dylan Thomas

SBP Laboratory


Nishanth Yalavarthi
Carbon Materials Laboratory
W2065 Lafferre Hall
(573) 882-1894


Undergraduate Researchers


Secondary Batteries Team, Carbon Materials Laboratory
Erik M Nordwald
Matthew Justin Wavada  
Matt John Wopata
Matthias Young


Carbon Synthesis Team, Carbon Materials Laboratory

Lauren Alexandra Aston
Sean Paul Crockett

Michael Gordon


High Voltage Solvents Team, Carbon Materials Laboratory
Keri Michelle Loring