Quantum Mechanics Simulations

Source Code is offered here, in several different formats. You can choose to download the entire package as a .zip, .rar, or .tar.gz file, or you can download individual program source packages in the same formats, which can then be compiled and run by your applet-viewer of choice. Some general notes about these programs:

They were originally written as applications, so they have an application-style interface coded into them, including (in more cases) menu options unavailable to applets, such as image save functionality. They were later converted into applets for the viewing of this website, but as of October of 2006, they may possess additional methods or code segments which are not used in the applets on this website, but which are either fully functional, or documented as buggy.

These programs are free software; you can copy, modify, or redistribute it freely under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by the Free Software Foundation; version 2 or later.
We hope that you will find these programs useful, and we try to keep them up-to-date and bug-free, but they are not offered under ANY WARRANTY WHATSOEVER.