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Interested in the Environment?

Interested in majoring in Environmental Studies? Go to the Environmental Studies Major page. It provides a basic description of the requirements and a link to a worksheet listing all the requirements. Because the degree requires upper level coursework in a wide variety of subjects, it is really important to start planning your coursework early.

Want to do something environmental, but not sure what? Visit the Advising page to find out what your options are and what career is the best fit for your interests, values and skills. Then visit the Degrees page to find out which degrees will prepare you for the career you want. The careers page has a table linking careers to degrees, while the degrees page has a table linking degrees to careers.

Already have a major but want to add some environmental education? Here is information on the Environmental Studies Certificate and on Environmental Courses Interested in a scholarship or an award? See what is available at Awards & Scholarships

Want to get involved in solving environmental problems now instead of waiting until you graduate? Check out these opportunities to connect up with local environmental groups on the Links page or see what activities are coming up on the Environmental Studies Calendar.

Want to know more about environmental issues in general? Check out recent and back issues of the Newsletter. Each issue includes a short essay on an environmental topic and many include links to relevant web sites. Plus, each issue lists the outdoor, nature, enviroment and sustainability events taking place in the community, so you can see what MU and Columbia are doing with respect to the environment.

Want regular updates on the environment in relation to MU and Columbia MO? Check out the Sustain Mizzou Twitter site:

Advising    Environmental Degrees    Courses & Internships    Awards & Scholarships    News    Links    Calendar    ES Home    MU Home

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