Corinne Valdivia
Workshops, Abstracts and Presentations

Workshops Organized
2000 "Climatic Variability and Household Welfare in the Andean Region." First Expert Panel and Scientific Meeting. NOAA. July 10-12 , Puno, Peru. 
1998 "Gender, Groups, Property and Control" Two sessions on households and networks at Society and Resource Management. 7th Symposium. May, MU.
"Women in Higher Education in Mexico the UK and the US" With MIAC, Colegio de Postgraduados, and  the British Council. November, Mexico City. 
1996 and 1997 "Regionalization of Small Ruminant Research To East Africa. Participatory Planning by Objectives." C. Valdivia, P. Shompole, J. Gilles, A. Mbabu, J.  Kogi. KARI, NARO, MU, WSU.  Nairobi 1996, Arusha 1997, Nairobi 1997. 
1995 Synthesis Workshop for the Agropastoral Component of the SR-CRSP lead by Dr. D. Layne Coppock and C. Valdivia, Principal Investigators. La Paz Bolivia, 14-16 November.
1994 Kenyan Agricultural Research Institute (KARI) Socio-Economics Workshop: Social Sciences in KARI's strategic planning of research" prepared and conducted by Daryl Hobbs and Corinne Valdivia for 45 social scientists. 20th June-1st July, Nairobi, Kenya. 
1993 Convener/organizer Paper Panel "The Role of Gender in Crop-Livestock Systems" Association of Women in Development, Sixth Forum Washington D.C. October, 1993.
1991 Selecting and organizing the presentations of U.S. and Bolivian researchers for the Symposium "Sustaining Agro-Pastoral Systems in the Bolivian Altiplano: SR-CRSP Research Priorities for the Next Decade". May 14-17, Lubbock Texas. Sponsored by the SR-CRSP. Editor of the proceedings.

Abstracts and Presentations
1996 "Diversification as a Risk Management Strategy in an Andean Agropastoral Community" presented at the session on "Modeling Household Behavior in Developing Countries: New Empirical Analyses". American Agricultural Economics Meetings, San Antonio. July.
1995 "Household Production and Food Security in an Andean Community" by Corinne Valdivia and Lisa Markowitz at the Association of Farming Systems Research Extension Meetings Linkages among Farming Systems and Communities. Iowa State University, November 5-8. Ames.
1995 "Environmental Deterioration, Peasant Economics and Sustainable Development in Marginal Lands" by Mónica Bendini and Corinne Valdivia. From Productionist to Sustainable Agriculture XVI Congress of the European Society for Rural Sociology. 31 July - 4 August, Czech Republic.
1995 "Women in Development" Summer Workshop University of Missouri, Stephens College. May.
1994 "Technology Adoption of Dual Purpose Goats: Gender Roles" by Dekha Sheikh and Corinne Valdivia, presented at the XXII International Conference of Agricultural Economists, 22-29 August, Harare Zimbabwe.
1994 "Livestock Research Investment Returns in Developing Countries: Searching for a needle in a stack of hay where there is no light?", accepted, unable to attend to the poster session IAAE Meetings, August 1994. Harare Zimbabwe.
1994 "The Effects of Structural Adjustment Policies on Andean Agriculture" by Corinne Valdivia. Selected paper, Latin American Studies Association XVIII International Congress, Panel Title: Neoliberal Policy and the Dynamics of Land in Latin America" March of 1994.
1994 "Impacts of Cash Crop Expansion on Income Components in an Agropastoral Community of the Bolivia Altiplano" by Elizabeth Dunn, Jorge Céspedes Estevez and Corinne Valdivia. Selected paper, XVIII International Congress of the Latin American Studies Association. Atlanta, March.
1993 "The Economics of Gender and Livestock: Dairy Expansion and Agropastoral Systems in the Bolivian Altiplano" by Corinne Valdivia, Elizabeth Dunn, Jennifer Sherbourne, Jorge Céspedes and Lisa Markowitz. Paper presented at the Association for Women in Development Sixth International Forum October, 1993. 
1993 "Intra-household Borrowing: A Look at Gender and the Impact of Dairy on Sheep Production" by Corinne Valdivia, Elizabeth G. Dunn and Jennifer L. Sherbourne selected paper at the "Small Ruminant Workshop organized by the SR-CRSP in San Juan Puerto Rico, 7-9 September, 1993.
1993 "Impact Assessment of Agricultural Research Policy at the Center and Headquarter Levels of the Kenyan Agricultural Research Institute" Invited paper at Workshop for Socio-economists at KARI, in Nairobi Kenya. 5-7 May.
1991 "Policy Impact Assessment of Small Ruminant Production Systems, The Peruvian Case" by Corinne Valdivia. Invited paper. Animal Production Systems Global Workshop, Costa Rica. IDRC. September. 
1991 "The Impact of Exchange Rate Policy on Producers of Tradeable Goods: Sheep Meat and Wool in Peru". Southern Agriculture Economics Association, Fort Worth, Texas. Selected Paper. Abstract. February. 
1985 First International Symposium on Small Ruminant Research: The CRSP Experience in Peru. Economics Area. November, Lima (invited).
1985 Workshop "Priorización y Desarrollo del Sector Agrario" (Development Priority of the Agricultural Sector). Presented "SAIS de la Sierra: Problemas y Alternativas" with J. Jurado and J. Pichihua. Organized by F. Ebert Foundation (Germany) and the Universidad Católica del Perú. July, Lima (invited). 
1985 Permanent Workshop of Agrarian Research (SEPIA I). Selected paper, "Proceso de Acumulación de Capital, Desarrollo y Contradicciones Internas del Modelo SAIS en las SAIS de la Sierra Central" with J. Pichihua. October, Piura, Peru. 
1984  VII Annual Meeting of APPA (Peruvian Association of Animal Production). November, La Molina (selected paper).