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Antarctica, 2003

Click here for information on the 9th Silicate Melts Workshop, October 4-8, 2011


I regard the combination of field- and lab-based studies as essential to much research in the geosciences. Doing both enhances my understanding of geological processes and increases my enjoyment of both kinds of work. My research has spanned crustal melting and granitic plutonism in orogenic belts; shallow basaltic sheet emplacement in sedimentary basins; measurements of the viscosity, other physical properties and thermodynamics of silicate liquids; metamorphic petrology in high-grade metamorphic rocks.

Research field areas to date include the western Himalaya, Antarctica, the Rocky Mountains, Brazil and Guatemala. Current projects include the rheology and thermodynamics of volatile-bearing arc magmas, experimental astromineralogy, thermal budget of incrementally assembled plutons, and the rheology of basaltic lava flows - please contact me for more information.

Recent and ongoing projects include:

NSF CAREER award: Enhancing Thermodynamic Applications and Learning in Petrology (EnThALPy) *
Rheology of dacite-rhyodacite block and ash "stealth" flows: Santiaguito Dome, Guatemala *
Transport properties of silicate glasses, liquids and magmas *
Intrusive Architecture and Flow Directiions in the Ferrar Large Igneous Province, Southern Victoria Land
Crustal contamination of basaltic magma / Emplacement of magma at Spanish Peaks, Colorado **

* funded by the NSF
** funded by the MU Research Council and University of Missouri Research Board


• Field observations and measurements (Himalaya, Brazil, Antarctica, USA, Guatemala, etc.). My favorite kind of work.
• Viscometry: we have both concentric cylinder and parallel plate viscometers to measure viscosity at high and low temperatures, from ~1 to 105 Pas and from ~108 to 1013 Pas, and a high temperature (1700°C) muffle furnace for sample synthesis
• Differential Scanning Calorimetry: we have a new high-temperature Differential Scanning Calorimeter / Drop Calorimeter, capable of enthalpy and heat capacity measurements to 1300°C
• Thermal diffusivity: in collaboration with Anne Hofmeister, at Washington University (St. Louis)
• Infrared spectroscopy of circumstellar dust shells: in collaboration with Angela Speck, MU Physics and Astronomy
• Thinking (generally under-rated)

More information (and pictures) for specific research projects available here




links to syllabi for most recent semester

GEOL 1100 Principles of Geology - Fall 2005

GEOL 1200 Environmental Geology - Spring 2003

GEOL 1400 Themes in Geology: "Natural Disasters" - Fall 2008

GEOL 2500 Regional Geology Field Trip - Spring 2013

GEOL 3300 Introduction to Geochemistry - Fall 2011

GEOL 4180 / 7180 Solar System Science - Fall 2013

GEOL 4700 / 7700 Theoretical Geochemistry - Fall 2006

GEOL 4900 Igneous and Metamorphic Petrology - Spring 2013

GEOL 4992 Field Camp (hard rock week) - Summer 2013

GEOL 8085 Problems (seminar classes):

- Spring 2003 Mafic Dike Emplacement

- Fall 2004 Physics and Chemistry of Silicate Liquids

GEOL 8140 Metamorphic Petrology - Spring 2009

GEOL 8160 Igneous Petrology - Fall 2013

GEOL 8750 Silicate Glasses, Liquids and Magmas - Fall 2012

Cosmic Conversations - monthly public lecture series on astronomy, including scientific and cultural issues

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St. Francois Mountains Petrology field trip to south-east Missouri, March 2011

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Guatemalan Volcanoes

Above: Looking south from the summit of Santa Maria (3772 m) towards Santiaguito (~2600 m)

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