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Last Modified on Tuesday, November 14, 2000

Welcome to Psych 431.

(Or, for that matter, anyone who visits here who has an interest in structural equation modeling.

Here is a copy of the syllabus for the course.

The first few lectures will deal with what path analysis is and what proper form for a path analysis looks like.

A Simple Two-Variable Regression in CALIS and PROC REG

I've added a small example of a SAS program which creates a TYPE=COV data set and which uses PROC CALIS to analyze it. (This is the printout we went over on Wednesday, Sept. 9th). I've changed the format of the characters so you can more easily read it.

Some additional CALIS examples.

If you'd like, a zipped file with several CALIS examples is also available from SAS. Those of you who want to have copies of the data examples in Hatcher's book can find them here.

Other Structural Equation Modeling Program Resources


For those of you who are interested in running programs in LISREL, there is a student version of the program available. It runs with a limited number of manifest variables, but is otherwise a functional copy of the program.


For those of you who like a graphical interface, Smallwaters Corporation has AMOS available. They also have a student version you may wish to look at.


Finally, for those of you who like to use matrix algebra, there is a public domain (and very flexible, I might add) program called  MX.


Another program which is quite similar in input format to CALIS (and which does handle multiple groups is EQS. They also have a demo version of their software available at the EQS vendor homepage.


For those of you who are more familiar with Statistica, you can also use the structural equations module, SEPATH. It is, to the best of my understanding, a module in Statistica.

A good book on optimization techniques is:

    Everitt, B. S. (1987). Introduction to optimization methods and their application in statistics. New York: Chapman & Hall.

As always, if you've any questions, please don't hesitate to contact me.