1. YAG laser: Continuum Powerlite 6050 (pulse width-9ns, repetition rate-50Hz and output pulse energy~190mJ). The laser is used for for second harmonic generation, four-wave mixing, UV detection and photo-acoustic research. Data are acquired using dual-channel boxcar system and LabView interface.
  2. Pulsed YAG laser (1KHz) and CW YAG laser, diode lasers (Thorlabs diode and temperature controllers) and superluminescent light diodes (Superlum and Exalus). These light sources are used for OCT, holographic coherence domain imaging and multi-wave mixing in photorefractive materials.
  3. EMCCD: Photometric Cascade II Cooled CCD camera (-80C CCD temperature, 512x512 pixel, 16bit). Various high sensitive and high speed CCD and CMOS cameras.
  4. FTIR spectrometers: ATI Mattson Infinity Series spectrometer and Galaxy Series 5000 spectrometer with a microscope (10 mm resolution).
  5. Micro-Raman system (SPEX Triple Spectrometer, Olympus microscope). Argon-ion lasers.
  6. AFM: Digital Instruments Nanoscope IIIa AFM/STM system.
  7. Optical tables (Newport Coorpation) and spectrometers (Spex and Ocrean Optics).
  8. Quantum optics and coincident detection systems.