• Ping Yu attended ICPS in Beijing in August.
  • Ping Yu gave a talk at CIOP in Shanghai.


  • Romanus Hutchins attended ABRCMS 2015 in Seattle, WA.
  • Ping Yu gave a talk at CIOP in Nanjing.
  • Ping Yu (talk) and Romanus Hutchins (poster) attended CLEO/QELS in San Jose.


  • Ping Yu gave a talk at CLEO/QELS in San Jose.
  • Ping Yu gave a talk at ICPS in Austin, TX.


  • Ping Yu attended World Molecular Imaging Congress in Savannah, GA.


  • Adam joined the group.
  • July 2009 Alan Ni joined the group as a high school student.
  • June 2009 Gandhi graduated with PhD. He went to Argonne National Laboratory as a postdoctoral research associate.
  • April 2009 Dr. Haibo Lin graduated with PhD. He joined the Department of Radiology Oncology, University of Pennsylvania for a residency position.


  • Gandhi attended CLEO/QELS in San Jose.


  • Ping attended APS April meeting in St. Louis.
  • Ping attended APS March Meeting in Denver.
  • Ping attended Photonics West in San Jose.


  • Domingo, Gandhi and Ping Yu attended Annual Meeting of Society for Molecular Imaging. Domingo won Student Travel Award.
  • Dr. Sunder Balasubramanian left the group for a tenure track assistant professor position in Lincoln University. Congratulations!
  • Brian Carmignani (Truman State Univ.) joined the group. Norman Pai and Evan Lin (Hickman High School) joined the group for summer research.
  • Haibo Lin, Linghui Li and Ping Yu attended CLEO/QELS in Long Beach, CA.


  • Michael Gramlich won the New Focus Student Travel Grant in CLEO/QELS in Baltimore, MD. He gave an oral presentation titled “Optimizing two-wave mixing efficiency in photorefractive quantum wells be selective angle tuning”. Each Year, New Focus, Inc. presents Student Travel Award to the best 10 student attendees in this conference. Congratulations to Mike.
  • Dr. Sunder Balasubramanian gave a talk in CLEO/QELS at Baltimore, MD.