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Regularly taught courses

Anthropology 4580/7580 Evolutionary Medicine 3 credit hours
In this course we use evolutionary theory to better understand medical issues. Infectious disease is studied from the perspective of the co-evolving strategies of pathogen and host. Specific topics include the evolution of virulence, with cholera, HIV, malaria, and several other diseases as case examples. Other health issues such as senescence are studied from the perspective of life history theory.
Prerequisites: Junior standing or instructor’s consent, background in the medical sciences.

Anthropology 2580 Evolution of human sexuality 3 credit hours
Biological and cultural aspects of human reproduction are examined from the perspective of evolutionary and ecological theory.
Prerequisites: sophomore standing or instructor's consent.

Anthropology 1500 Monkeys, apes, and humans 3 credit hours
This course examines the social behavior of the primates, including humans, from the perspective of modern ecological and evolutionary theory. Topics include: primate diets, optimal foraging, group living, mating systems, evolution of altriciality (helpless infants) in humans, sexual dimorphism, concealment of ovulation among humans, evolution of paternal care, infanticide, evolution of culture, function of play, and the evolution of intelligence. [ Web ]

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