Cool Pics
Data & Germplasm
Here is a list of germplasm and datasets that have been generated over the years.
NAM Population
Seed of the NAM population can be ordered from the Maize Genetics Stock Center. Click here for information about the one-time-per-institution order policy, how to order individual sub populations or the whole NAM population, and how to order the NAM founders (from the PI Station via GRIN).
NAM Data
The majority of genotypic and phenotypic data collected and curated for the maize association panel and the Nested Association Mapping (NAM) population from the last 10 years are available from Panzea, our NSF project database, or from CyVerse following the paths /iplant/home/shared/panzea/phenotypes/ and /iplant/home/shared/panzea/phenotypes/.
Teosinte NIL Population
Seed of the teosinte NILs (described in Liu et al 2016) can be ordered from the Maize Genetics Stock Center. The population is listed under TNIL and is comprised of over 800 NILs from 10 different parviglumis donors in the B73 background. The naming convention follows that of NAM: ZxxxExxxx where Zxxx is the family and Exxxx is the NIL within that family.
Family   Donor Accn.
  Z029   PI 384065
  Z030   PI 384066
  Z031   PI 384071
  Z032   Ames 21785
  Z033   Ames 21786
  Z034   Ames 21789
  Z035   Ames 21814
  Z036   Ames 21889
  Z037   Ames 21809
  Z038   Ames 21812
Minimum Teosinte Path NILs
A subset of 41 NILs from one donor (PI 384071) that minimally covers most of the genome is referred to as the "Minimum Teosinte Path" and can be ordered using this link. The genotypes for the minimum teosinte path can be found here.
Teosinte NIL Genotypes
Initially, the NILs were genotyped as BC4S2 lines (entry number starting with 0; e.g Z031E0001) using a golden gate assay with 768 SNPs. The SNP genotypes are available for the S2 lines by clicking here, although these S2 NILs are not available through the stock center. But several of our earlier publications report on the S2 NILs.
The NILs were then selfed two more times, yielding the BC4S4 lines that are available above. The entry numbers were changed but retain relationship information by adding 1000 to the entry number (e.g. the S2 NIL called Z031E0001 was selfed twice and became Z031E1001), with the exception of the DH NILs from Z031 which retained their original entry numbers of E05xx since additional selfing does not change DH lines. The S4 NILs were genotyped by RAD seq resulting in 32,799 SNPs. You can download the SNP data as a LARGE (78Mb) but user-friendly and color-coded excel file that will take time and memory to load -OR- as a tab-delimited text file which not user friendly and you're on your own. Note the genomic positions are in AGP.v1. See the Read Me File for more details.