News from the Glaser Group

Boldness has genius, power and magic in it. Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

It's all about people (and good food)!
And here is the group:

Joseph Schell
B.S. SP14

Kathy Yang
B.S. SP15

Nicohl Corretjer

Sarah Gadban

Casey Hawkins
B.S. SP18

Kaitlyn Chetney
B.S. SP18

Ethan Zars
B.S. SP18

Ryan Hoerr
B.S. SP17

BCCE, July 29 - August 2, 2018: The 25th Biennial Conference on Chemical Education (BCCE) will be hosted by the University of Notre Dame. The Glaser group will offer a Workshop: "A Guide to Teaching and Learning of Scientific Writing, Peer Review, and Science Communication" More to come later this spring.

May 3, 2018: SP18 Group Lunch at the Faculty Club at the MU Reynolds Center.
From left: Kathy Yang, Kaitlyn Chetney, Ethan Zars, Nicohl Corretjer, Rainer Glaser, Ryan Hoerr, Joseph Schell, and Casey Hawkins

May 2, 2018: IMSD Express Reception in the atrium of the Bond Life Science Center. Kathy Yang (doctoral student & mentor) and IMSD-mentee Nicohl Corretjer. Rainer Glaser (adviser) takes the picture.

ACS, NOLA, 2018: Joe Schell, Kathy Yang, Ethan Zars, Rainer Glaser, Kaityn Chetney, and Casey Hawkins.

ACS, NOLA, 2018: Kaitlyn, Ethan, and Casey hugging moles. Such nerds! And great scientists too: They also showed a great poster.

255th ACS National Meeting in New Orleans, March 18 - 22, 2018: The Glaser group contributed six presentations in ORG (2), ENFL, ENVR, and CHED (2). We had a "group dinner" at Galatoire's on Bourbon Street to start the week and Oysters at the Creole House on Canal Street to celebrate a superb conference.

November 30, 2017: FS17 Group Lunch at the Faculty Club at the MU Reynolds Center.
From left: Kathy Yang, Ethan Zars, Kaitlyn Chetney, Rainer Glaser, Joseph Schell, and Casey Hawkins.

October 14, 2017: Casey Hawkins presents a poster at 2017 MECC at Loyola University, Chicago.