Educational Leadership and Policy Analysis | Dr. Pilar Mendoza

USAID/HED Colombia-U.S. Human Rights Law School Partnership 

The Colombia-U.S. Human Rights Law School partnership program started with a three year funding in 2012 from the U.S. Agency for International Development and managed by Higher Education for Development. This program aims to improve human rights education and build human rights culture in Colombia. There are three partnerships in the program: the Antioquia Partnership, the Valle del Cauca Partnership and the Caribbean Coast Partnership.

Dr. Mendoza has worked with the Caribbean Coast Partnership since she was a faculty member at the University of Florida. The Caribbean Coast Partnership has established the Colombian Caribbean Human Rights Center at the Universidad del Norte and the Universidad del Magdalena. The Center develops, coordinates and applies academic research, community outreach, advocacy activities, and policy with the goal of defending human rights in the Colombian Caribbean region.